Find out what tax exemptions Uganda Revenue Authority gives to returning Ugandan residents

On Saturday 25th January 2020, Connect Uganda Radio hosted Regan Basoga, Hafsah Seguya, Robert Wamala, Michael Masembe and Charles Male from Uganda Revenue Authority in a tax awareness radio program on the James Mugga Show.

Key issues discussed in the program were:

  • The process of obtaining a Uganda TIN number
  • Tax exemption process for returning residents
  • Tax exempt items (including vehicles) for returning residents and general importers
  • Definition of a returning resident in the eyes of URA
  • Importing used vehicles and other items like used hospital beds into Uganda
  • Importing speciality vehicles like ambulances into Uganda
  • How to use the URA website for general information and specific things like tax calculation

Below is a recording of the program. We hope you find it informative.

For more information please visit the Uganda Revenue Authority Website