Send money to Uganda from the UK and the USA using Nala

Send money to Uganda using Nala

Nala is an app used to send money from the UK and USA to various African countries including Uganda. Download the app and start transacting today.

Nala delivers the money transfer service our loved ones deserve.

Why send money with Nala?

  • NALA has amazing rates and no hidden fees!
  • The company is African owned (by using NALA you are supporting another African
  • NALA gives you a chance to earn £5 every time you refer a new person to use the app and they transact (Terms and Conditions apply!)
  • Between now and the 17th of December there are chances for you to win a free return ticket to Uganda if you download and transact with NALA.

Click on the image below to get Nala

Send money to Uganda using Nala