Ugandans can now apply to join the British army

Ugandans are now eligible to join the British army even if they have not lived in Britain before.

The UK ministry of defence announced that it will no longer be a requirement for those wishing to join the British army from Commonwealth countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe to have lived in Britain for five years.

If you join the British army from the Commonwealth, you will be given ‘exempt immigration control’ status while you are serving. After serving for at least four years, you will gain the option to regularise your immigration status. Your service will also count towards your naturalisation should you wish to become a British citizen later on.

Your family can come to live with you in the UK as well but certain conditions must be met before they do so. To find out more about Joining the British army as a Commonwealth citizen, please click here

Saturday 7th April 2018 at 10:50 AM, webmaster