About Connect Uganda Music Radio

This is Connect Uganda. We are your number one stop for Ugandan music, news and culture. We are also home to Uganda’s leading internet radio station that plays the best Ugandan and African music of the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and today. We hope you enjoy your stay.

More about Connect Uganda… an Interview with Michael Mulambuzi.

How did the idea of Connect Uganda came up to you.

Back in 2005, I found that I couldn’t listen to any radios from Uganda or any radio station that spoke Luganda for that matter. I also found that I was constantly homesick and bored with neither the time nor the money to constantly locate social gatherings with a Ugandan theme to fill the void.

Soon I found out that many Ugandans in the Diaspora felt the same. That is when the idea of something that could unite us as Ugandans living in the Diaspora was born. It was basically to create a free platform that would help us forget the stresses of work and beat the homesickness without leaving the comfort of our houses or flats. This platform had to use the Internet so as to have a global appeal. The most natural thing that I could do on the Internet without having to pay anyone to do it for me was to build a website.

I created a website and christened it HappyUgandan.com then uploaded Ugandan music in mp3 format with a spoken intro to each of the songs to give them some form of personality. Soon people from as far as Japan and America were emailing to ask whether I could upload their chosen songs and whether I would be willing to take song dedications. This was a revealing moment!

With a quickly growing number of interested users, it was clear that the name had to change to reflect our new position in the community. Pauline Nakawooya aka Queenie then suggested the name Connect Uganda in December of 2005. It was just the perfect name and on 25 January 2006, Connect Uganda was officially registered as a company in England and Wales and the website www.connectuganda.com went live.

Who is the brain behind Connect Uganda

I started Connect Uganda in 2004 from the sitting room of my 18th floor flat in the Center Birmingham. When we first went live in late 2005, the station had only two presenters, Queenie (Pauline Nakawooya) and myself with the Family Sunday Show as the only live program. We have now grown from that little flat to two full-fledged studios one in Birmingham and the other run by Mr. James Mugga in Watford, Greater London. From the Watford studios, James and Allan present Binno Obadde Obimanyi every Saturday and Sukuma Week every Weekday.

It takes many people to make something like Connect Uganda Radio work. Over the years many people have rendered their excellent services; Omukooki Kanyerezi Kamya, Paul Matindo and Steven Lubwama immediately come to mind along with Phad and Zabby Mutumba, and more recently Emma Best and Allan Sekkadde.

Who is your listenership?

Our listeners come from all parts of the world. We are not like most stations that stereotype their listeners.

How do you manage to sustain the radio?

Through the hard work of our marketing manager and partner Mr. James Mugga, we manage to raise just about enough money through advertisers. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Salabed Money and Cargo for their continued support. They have been with us almost from the day we started. We can’t forget to thank all our past and present advertisers.

Any final word before you go?

I would like to thank our listeners from all around the world. Many of them have been with us from day one and continue to be with us today and hopefully into the future. They made us the number one Uganda radio station in the Diaspora and for that we shall forever be in their debt.